Bayou City Waterkeeper and Waterkeeper Alliance Respond to Harvey Devastation

Hurricane Harvey - NOAA/NASABayou City Waterkeeper and Waterkeeper Alliance are responding to Hurricane Harvey, working to assess the damage the record-breaking storm has brought to southeast Texas. Deploying the Waterkeeper Alliance’s Rapid Response Protocol, Bayou City Waterkeeper and Waterkeeper Alliance staff are working to support local communities and are developing a long-term cleanup and water monitoring plan for when flood waters recede.

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Help Prevent Plastics Pollution! Ask your legislators to oppose Senate Bill 103


We need your help! Once again, the Texas State Legislature is trying to block Galveston, Port Aransas, South Padre Island and many Texas cities from reducing litter and plastic bag use by outlawing local bag fee legislation. The proposed state bill would overturn the hard-fought ordinances and prevent future ordinances which strive to protect the Texas environment by reducing litter from single-use plastic bags and other containers.  Galveston Baykeeper stands with our coastal communities and other who seek to prevent plastic pollution.

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An Agricultural Perspective on the WOTUS Rule

As the EPA under Pruitt begins to reconsider the WOTUS rule and organizations such as GBK and the Waterkeeper Alliance work to assure that changes in jurisdiction will not result in losses for water quality, it is important to understand the perspectives of all sides in the debate. The article below, from PBS, is a thoughtful analysis of why farmers and ranchers may think the WOTUS rule went too far. It also considers the perspective s of supporters of the rule. This controversy is going to be with us for awhile, and no matter the outcome, the limits of CWA jurisdiction will not be immediately settled. If you love and appreciate rivers, bayous, and wetlands, it is worth a read.



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