Galveston Baykeeper and Texas Health and Environment Alliance Talkin' Dioxin



This morning on Fox 26 news Jackie Young of THEA and Bruce Bodson of Galveston Baykeeper talked about the hazard posed to the Bay and area residents by abandoned disposal pits containing dioxin wastes.

The Ike Dike- A thoughtful editorial

The following article was written by Jen Powis, a member of GBK's board of directors. Much of the expressed purpose of the Ike Dike is to protect the petrochemical infrastructure from storm surge and to protect us from releases from that infrastructure. Ms. Powis' editorial explores whether we should be using public funds and accepting environmental impacts from major construction along the coast when more limited development, funded directly by industry could achieve the objectives at a lower cost to the public and reduced environmental impacts. Take a moment and read it!

Galveston Bay Estuary Plan

For those of you who appreciate the Galveston Bay ecosystem, remember that the Galveston Bay Estuary Plan is in revision. The second public workshop will be on March 1. Try to attend and give your input in support of a healthy Bay!…


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