Help Prevent Plastics Pollution! Ask your legislators to oppose Senate Bill 103


We need your help! Once again, the Texas State Legislature is trying to block Galveston, Port Aransas, South Padre Island and many Texas cities from reducing litter and plastic bag use by outlawing local bag fee legislation. The proposed state bill would overturn the hard-fought ordinances and prevent future ordinances which strive to protect the Texas environment by reducing litter from single-use plastic bags and other containers.  Galveston Baykeeper stands with our coastal communities and other who seek to prevent plastic pollution.

Senate Bill 103 states that "a municipality may not adopt or enforce an ordinance or regulation that purports to restrict or prohibit a business from, require a business to charge a customer for, or tax or impose penalties on a business for providing to a customer at the point of sale a bag or other container made from any material." This proposed law ignores the fact that bag bans and fees work and have proven to significantly reduce plastic bag usage and litter in places all over the country including towns in Texas, California, and Washington DC. 

We cannot let the plastic bag industry pass this ridiculous bill to preempt our local laws, so please take action now! Contact your state Senators and Representatives today and ask them to oppose Senate Bill 103!

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