Thanks to Everyone For a Great Foks 'N Oysters!

Folks 'N Oysters on December 30, was a great success.  We enjoyed an evening of oysters from Prestige Oyster, raw or grilled by David Popkin, beer provided by Saint Arnold's Brewing Company, wine from our own Martin and Vaness Hamilton, and an array of gumbo, sliders and oyster tacos from Liberty Kitchen.  All of this was accompanied by music from the Anhinga Band.  We announced Bruce Bodson as our new Executive Director/Baykeeper, and had a talk about organization mission for 2017.  We kept that business stuff to a minimum so we could all get back to the oysters!  We also want to say a special thank you to John and Leticia Jacob for hosting this event in their lovely home.  How many board members let you bring all your river rat friends over for an evening?  If you missed it, you'll have another chance to join us next year! 












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